George Dandin – to AUGUST 29

Teatret slotsgården 2020

Molières comedy ‘George Dandin’ at Teatret Slotsgården

This summer the Theater Slotsgården dives into one of Moliere’s comedies behind the white walls of Kings Castle in Odense. This year it is the story of the disgraced husband George Dandin. Join us as we kick off an old classic from 1668 under the open sky…

Schedule 2020 – PREMIERE July 25

Teatret Slotsgården in Odense | JULY 25 – AUGUST 29
The Amphitheater of Kunsten, in Aalborg | AUGUST 1 – AUGUST 5

Artistic team

Director: Johan Sarauw. Artistic director: Jacob Moth-Poulsen. Production: Josefine Højberg Bitsch. Costume: Olivia Hetman. Ensemble: Kasper Dalsgaard (George Dandin). Freja Klint Sandberg (Angelique). Jonas Kriegbaum ( Sotenville). Rebekka Rønne Kiilerich ( Sotenville). Thomas Nielsen (Clitandre). Morten Vejbæk Klode (Lubin). Amanda Bøgestrøm Isaksen (Claudine). Trailer & photos 2019: Emilia Therese. Behind-the-scenes photography 2019: Daniel Buchwald. POSTER 2020: Daniel Buchwald

Teatret Slotsgården

Role:  Claudine

Director:  Johan Sarauw and Jacob Moth-Poulsen

Playwriter:  Molière

First staged:  July 18, 1668


Photo: Daniel Buchwald

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