Molières Comedy ‘Tartuffe’ staged by Teatret Slotsgården

About being willing to sacrifice your most precious possessions even your loved ones for the friendship of a humble and blissful man, Tartuffe, who might not be exactly what he pretends to be…

Schedule 2019

July 20 – August 17 | Teatret Slotsgården | Odense
July 29 – August 2 | The Amphitheater, Museum of Modern Art | Aalborg

Artistic team

Director: Johan Sarauw. Artistic director: Jacob Moth-Poulsen. Production: Josefine Højberg Bitsch. Costumes: Olivia Hetman. Photos and trailer: Emilia Therese. BehindTheScenes-photos: Daniel Buchwald. Ensemble: Morten Vejæk Klode (Tartuffe), Jacob Moth-Poulsen (Orgon) Kasper Dalsgaard (Cléante), Freja Klint Sandberg (Dorine), Kristian Rossen (Valère), Amanda Bøgestrøm Isaksen (Mariane), Sophie Zinkernagel (Elmire). Anton Sager Poulsen (Damis).

Teatret Slotsgården

Role: Mariane

Director: Johan Sarauw

Playwriter: Molière 

First staged: May 12, 1664


Photo: Emilia Therese

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