Three Sisters

Graduation performance. 4th year of The Danish National School of Performing Arts 2019

“The graduation performance 2019 is the last one with fourth year students because the acting schools of Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen has changed into a bachelor/candidate. (3+2 years)

In this context it feels relevant to stage the play “Three Sisters” which takes place in a time where new thoughts replace old thoughts.

Three sisters is a story about the time ruthlessly sneaking into our lives, while we are blinded by the idea that happiness and meaning is to be found in the future and past, suffering and struggling with the doubt about the irreversibility of our destiny.

Themes like foreignness, dreams, duties, climate, war, catastrophes, materialism, moral, friendship, revenge, music and philosophy revolve around one thing: the longing for the existence of love, and when surrounded by love you will be able to let go and experience that life is true, free and safe.” Peter Kunz, Director

"Kulygin og Masha" Foto: Zuhal Kocan
"Kulygin og Masha" Foto: Zuhal Kocan

Artistic team

Direction: Peter Kunz. Scenography and light: Jens Klastrup. Costume: Mette Birch. Production: Emilie Thit Stilling Netteberg. Translation: Kjeld Bjørnager / Ejnar Thomassen, processed by: Peter Kunz. Cast: Amanda Bøgestrøm Isaksen (Masha). Anders Skov Madsen (Andrei). Anna Bruus Christensen (Natalia). Josefine Tvermoes (Olga). Lue Dittmann Sanden Støvelbæk (Kulygin). Niels Skovgaard Andersen (Tuzenbach). Sarah Juel Werner (Irina). Thomas Diepeveen (Vershinin). Musicians: Frederik Bak (Kontrabas). Christian Moosdorf (Guitar)Photo: Zuhal Kocan

Teater Momentum and Folketeatret

Role: Masha

Director: Peter Kunz

Playwriter: Anton Chekov

First performed: 31 January 1901, Russia



Teater Momentum
– MAY 25 – JUNE 8
Folketeatret, Hippodromen
– JUNE 12 – 14

Foto: Zuhal Kocan

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