Scapin the Schemer

Molières Comedy ‘Scapin the Schemer’ performed by Teatret Slotsgården

Two families trying to establish an economic association through the forced marriage of their beloved children, arranged by two quite inflated fathers and cockerels sitting extremely heavily on the stick and the free love in the henhouse. Only a crafty fox manages to turn the minds of the fathers, destroying their merciless plans and showing the young the way through the impossible love…

Outdoor, sparkly, summer theater

Schedule 2018

21 July – 18 august | Teatret Slotsgården in Odense
25 July – 19 July | The Amphitheater of Kunsten in Aalborg

Artistic team

Director: Johan Sarauw. Artistic director: Jacob Moth-Poulsen. Scenography: Johan Sarauw og Jacob Moth-Poulsen. Production: Josefine Højberg Bitsch. Costumes: Olivia Hetman. Photo and trailer: Emilia Therese. Ensemble: Thomas Nielsen (Scapin), Mette Kjeldgaard (Zerbinetta), Morten Vejbæk Klode (Ottavio), Rebecca Roenne Kiilerich (Giazinta), Kristian Rossen (Leander), Amanda Bøgestrøm Isaksen (Géronte), Niels Skovgaard Andersen (Argante).

"Scapin og Geronte", Teatret Slotsgården 2019. Photo: Emilia Therese

Teatret Slotsgården

Role: Géronte

Director: Johan Sarauw

Playwriter: Molière

First staged: May 24, 1671


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